Leslie Valentino-Montero


Leslie is the founder and CEO of Valentino Corporation. After attending San Martin University and AV college with a major in International Business Administration, Leslie worked as manager for a personal injury law firm in the San Fernando Valley. After twelve years in development, operations, management, and brand marketing, Leslie now runs her own business consulting firm, Valentino Corporation and works with a Personal Injury Law Firm.

Leslie holds a degree in International Business Administration from San Martin University, AV college. She is also completing her Juris Doctorate degree at California’s Monterey College of Law. Leslie has led research, business development, investigation, initiatives with the local community

My Backstory

I grew up in Lima, the capital of Peru. As an only child I developed an appreciation for creating solutions as a kid.

When I was 26 years old, my aunt was a victim of medical malpractice. spent the next year looking for answers and talking to experts. I gained a great deal of empathy for people facing emotional and legal problems, which reaffirmed my calling to practice Law.

Amid busy schedules, I somehow manage to balance work and family life strive for balance to create a healthy and happy body, mind, and soul, in order to do my
best personally and professionally. Growth is my motto, and variety brings a nice added spice to my life. Outside of business I enjoy fitness, food, family, work, art, and the outdoors.

What Now?

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